Fingers like Toes

Karoline Schrieber is one of the most interesting swiss artists employing a variety of painting and drawing techniques. This monographic book brings together her work from the last 20 years and will accompany her large scale soloshow at Kunsthaus Uri in summer 2019. The book consists of dense image sequences that allow an insight into the highly productive work of Schreiber, comprising drawings, painting, performance and text. Schreiber is know for her performative drawings and keeps pushing the limits of her disciplines ranging from intuitive-automatic approaches to conceptual series of works. This monographic book allows a deep and complex insight into the prolific and sprawling cosmos of Schreiber’s often surreal and unsettling images and her artistic quests. The book adaptation reflects the visual diversity and artistic concepts: Fingers like Toes is a surprising mix of catalogue and artist book. 

With essays by Daniel Morgenthaler and Barbara Zürcher.