Better than Weather. On the Human Desire for Artificial Climate

Better than Weather. On the Human Desire for Artificial Climate is based on an art residency of DAAD Berlin 2021 at Potsdam Institute for Climate Impacts Research (PIK).

Exploring comfort of artificial environments, such as air conditioned worlds, investigation and analysis proves extraordinary advancement of controlled climate. It acts as closed circuit technology of weather. The objective is to critically depict the desire and need for spatial comfort claiming to be beyond weather and climate. This critical examination of sealed worlds will challenge the technological ambition to remove life from impacts climate change, radical redefinitions of architecture and design for closed worlds and art with hermetic life. Comfort of air conditioned life is also a philosophical pillar of this work, to such extend that both isolate parts of humanity and liberates in its newly discovered comfort.

The chief output will be a book and other public platforms. The content of the publication will include artistic and design content, archival material and visuals together with records of interviews with scientists affiliated at PIK. Including their predictions, speculations and scientific fictions and desires.
The investigative aesthetics of this work relies on previous explorations of the culture of air conditioning. It was published in the book Harvard Guide to Shopping, edited by Rem Koolhaas and research on Air Conditioned villages entitled Better than Weather, originally published by Cabinet Magazine for Art and Culture.