The collages gathered in Itinerarium culminate a decade-long process. Emanating from found albums and books, these collages offer a view into an internal logic, as a journey of discovery that simultaneously detaches, reconstructs and preserves images, their histories, and the possibility to encounter their presence as plurality. The collages created by artist Shay Zilberman emerge from the visual repositories that have defined social desires and aspirations in Israel throughout the twentieth century, and their origin points are marked in the search process, in books and albums Zilberman hunts and gathers in bookstores, private homes, collections and unexpected encounters. And yet, as he painstakingly tears them apart from their origins and reconstructs them, the found photographs surpass their representation in local collective perspectives. Zilberman outlines a cartography of wanderings, a roadmap created in movement. Between nomadic visions of travelers and reconfigured landscapes, as well as repeated attempts to organize desires, botany, architectural environments and inner structures of the psyche, Zilberman suggests a cosmology of the imagination, which begins in the material meeting points of the images.
The title, Itinerarium, refers to a writing tradition that began in ancient Rome. The  “Itenarium” charts the world through words and literal descriptions. Throughout the Middle Ages, itinerarium grew to encompass visual descriptions of the world that do not seek to represent its material concreteness, but rather, exhume the meeting points between geopolitics and the domains of the imagination. (Rotem Rozental, Ph.D)

Edited by Rotem Rozental. With texts by Rotem Rozental, Matthew Schum and Aline Smithson


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