Revue AXE no. 1

Revue AXE is a multimedia magazine edited by Guy Schraenen between 1975 and 1976. It contains writings, posters, postcards, cut-outs, fold-outs etc., printed in offset, typography and silkscreen on various types of paper. Each issue includes a 17 cm record. The first 10 numbers contain also a Super 8 film. AXE serves thus as an exhibition space on its own. But once unfolded outside the covers, the inserts can easily fill an entire exhibition space.

All together, three issues have been published. Available are single issues as well as the complete set of three issues.

Multi-media magazine Revue Axe no.1, ed. Guy Schraenen

Including the work “article” by Mirtha Dermisache and further contributions by Roy Adzak, Eduard Bal, Bram Bogart, Henri Chopin, Degottex, Brion Gysin, Bernard Heidsieck, Luc J.P. Schelfhout, Guy Schraenen, Ung No Lee, Nikko van Daele, Paul van Ostaije.