Alexine Chanel

After completing a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design at the Norwich School of Art and Design, Alexine Chanel (*1972 in Lyon) moved to Budapest, where she began her artistic production. Chanel lives and works in Berlin since 2004. She has held exhibitions at galleries Jarmuschek und Partner, MARS and Artport Contemporary, among others. The main recurring theme of her work is the relationship between societal structures and the individual.

She is currently preparing an exhibition 'Intimacy: Baden in der Kunst' at Kunst Museum Ahlen, where she will be showing 48 prints from the book In Other People's Bathrooms, that has been co-published by MARS and Green Box.

Books available by this artist

ISBN 978-3-908175-37-7
EUR 50,00
ISBN 978-3-908175-37-7-LTD
EUR 200,00