dilettantin produktionsb├╝ro

The dilettantin produktionsbüro (dilettante production bureau) was founded in 2003 by artist Anneli Käsmayr (*1980 in Dachau). It is considered a conceptual research field operating in the space between art and everyday life. The context related stagings, projects and interventions of dilettantin produktionsbüro often include a sensual moment like taste and sound, and work with the invisibility of art.
Anneli Käsmayr studied at the University of the Arts Bremen and often works in cooperation. In addition to her work as dilettantin produktionsbüro she is also part of the artist-cum-musician collective SEX (with Branka Colic and Michael Rieken, since 2004), with whom she formed the DJ collective sexsoundsystem in 2006. Anneli Käsmayr lives and works in Bremen.

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