Jim Avignon

Jim Avignon is one of the most extraordinary figures in the German art scene today. He is a painter, a musician, a performer, a host and curator, and has built a career that consists of these components. Avignon paints a lot, and he paints fast. He calls himself “the fastest painter in the world”, and if need be, he sets up a whole exhibition within a few days. His pictures are a mashup of cartoon-like figurations embedded in an expressionistic pictorial structure and titles that control the painting, since they are painted on the canvas. Avignon makes sure that a minimum of lines trigger a maximum expression. Some of his works are to be found in collections and museums worldwide. Yet, the master loves to show his art in clubs, shops or in the streets. His theme is our accelerating society. He uses irony and humour to criticize inequalities and social injustice. “Neoangin” is the name he uses when he is on the road as a musician.

Books available by this artist

ISBN 978-3-941644-99-1
EUR 33,00
ISBN 978-3-941644-69-4
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