Jytte Høy

Jytte Høy is a Danish artist living and work in Copenhagen, Denmark. She graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1989 and has been awarded a lifetime grant from the Danish state as well as the Eckersberg Medal.

If asked to verbally pinpoint her artistic practice Jytte Høy would choose the words: structure, complexity and seduction. Høy’s interest in structure manifests itself in serendipitous coincidences between entirely different phenomena. Høy finds infinite beauty in the revelation of this form of strange and sudden connection. Furthermore, she takes it upon herself to insist on complexity, subscribing to the standpoint of German artist Anna Oppermann: “Complexity must still have value somewhere in this world”. As for seduction Høy simply considers it a necessity: Viewers must be enticed to dwell on a work long enough to allow less conspicuous characteristics to unfold. Other artistic means include sensuality and humour vis-à-vis the human capacity for wonder.

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