Lene Berg

Lene Berg (*1965) was educated as a film director at the Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm. She works with video and installations, photography and text.

Her video The Man in the Background and her publication, Gentlemen and Arseholes, were launched as two parts of one project about art and propaganda during the Cold War. The project focused on the cultural journal ‘Encounter’ that had been founded and distributed in 1953 as one of the undertakings of the Congress of Cultural Freedom (1957-1967). Berg’s approach called into question what was defined as a ‘liberal conspiracy’ and what was otherwise deemed a successful state sponsored cultural effort carried out by a powerful intelligence agency. Amongst other exhibitions, Berg has participated in 'Transmediale' (2008), Berlin, 'Pensee Sauvage' (2007), Frankfurter Kunstverein, 'Headlines and Footnotes' (2008), Henie Onstad Kunstsenter, Norway, an the 'Sydney Biennale' (2008).

She lives and works in Berlin and New York.

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