Anthrakothek (Vol. 2)

Anthrakothek (Vol. 2) presents new works by artist Ulrike Mohr. The artistic position of Ulrike Mohr uses transformation processes of materials, which in turn are influenced by complex researches, traditional knowledge and also chance procedures. Her works have an inherent material presence, based on her observations of nature. Her position as a sculptor is the result of a process-based practice with contextualised materials, which she transforms into poetic installations. Mohr is interested in the material quality as well as the temporal dimensions that are an integral part of these ephemere substances.
This book is an overview on Ulrike Mohr's works of the last years, surrounding her investigations into the making of charcoal and how it is appropriated in her installations.

With texts by Friederike Schäfer, Eva Scharrer, Mana Taylor and Helmut Braun.