Architekturführer. Bauhaus-Welterbe Bernau

Far away from the city and the hustle and bustle, the Federal School of the General German Trade Union Federation (ADGB) was to provide its members with education, recreation and a modern way of life. The building was planned by Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer with their students from the Bauhaus. No other building project documents the scientific design with a social pedagogical approach at the Bauhaus under Hannes Meyer as vividly as the Federal School. At the same time, the intended unity of teaching and practice in the building was achieved. In Bernau, the Bauhaus became a large-scale experimental laboratory. It was these qualities that convinced the UNESCO Commission to declare the building ensemble a World Heritage Site in 2017. However, the use and the associated extensions and conversions of today's UNESCO World Heritage Site are also part of the now more than 90-year history of this impressive modernist building. Federal school, Reichsführer School, military hospital, trade union college, boarding school for apprentices – today's Meyer-Wittwer Building has had several functions since its opening in 1930. The book offers insights into the eventful building and usage history of the former Federal School and accompanies visitors on their tour of the Bauhaus Campus Bernau.