The Black Moving Cube

Historically in England, representations of the black body constitute a ubiquitous presence across fine art and popular culture, yet up to now the subject has received only marginal critical attention. Over the past two decades, new generations of artists working with the moving image have begun to reverse this trend, revealing how images of otherness have been central to commonplace definitions of identity within the symbolic order of the modern West. The included essays do not only function as catalogue-bound texts, which try to define the Black Moving Image season but as the beginning dialogue that attempts to map out a discussion that will transfer moving-image works from black artists into another arena.

The Black Moving Cube discusses a series of newly commissioned video works and uses this project as an opportunity to examine the relationship between race and the moving image.

The Black Moving Cube is edited by David A. Bailey and Paul Purgas; with contributions by Saër Maty Bâ, Cylena Simonds, Clare Grafik and Teka Selman, and a DVD of the four main commissions from 'The Black Moving Cube'-series by Inge Blackman, Kolé Onile-Ere, John Sealey and Kaz Ové.