The ChessCube Project

Paolo Bottarelli's ChessCube Project will realize 64 unique units, as 3D projections of a chess-square, in successive pairs – one of each pair in black and the other in white. Bottarelli refers to these 64 heterotopic units as ‘mind rooms’ or monads, the term used by Leibniz to indicate the basic unit of perceptual reality. In the 32 white cubes, the mental states are represented with positive properties; in the 32 black cubes, with negative ones.

Each cube will be archived by the employment of three different media: they will be photographed, filmed and painted and once the cube is closed, the photograph, the video and the painting will display the interior of the cube. All the installations in the cubes will be geometrically organized and mathematically calculated. The ChessCube project is a game played by the artist against himself, a challenge between his two cerebral hemispheres, between the drive towards the irrational and the inclination to the rational.