This publication itself takes on the shape of a daily newspaper in design and materiality. Most of the collages are displayed almost in original seize. The raw material of these collages had been press photos, cutouts from the newspaper. So a circle is closing. The pasted images again turn into news which are to be spread. They are pointing at the precarious situation of the traditional print media by demonstrating their vulnerability.

Depeches are urgent messages in the breathless business of the news. They report the events of the day. The shorter they are the quicker they can be grasped. But these collages aim into the opposite direction. The long way leads over cutting-, pasting-, moistening- and drying-techniques until a shape is fixed. Short and dry like a telegram they really are a result of deceleration.


Depeschen Innenseite 2

Depeschen Innenseite 4

Depeschen Innenseite 16

Depeschen Innenseite 20

Depeschen Innenseite 52

Depeschen Innenseite 56

Depeschen Innenseite 60

Depeschen Innenseite 62