In Memory

Omer Fast examines the mechanisms of personal experience, memory and history. A real event or occurrence is often at the centre of his investigation, which is then illuminated through interviews and reconstructions in a multifarious layering of narration and representation. For Fast, narration is not a closed continuum, but a developing product that is constantly changing through repetition and reproduction.

Omer Fast: In Memory can be read as a visual, literary parallel to Fast’s films – his complex annotations guarantee a unique immersion in a world where the easy shift between documentation, narration, memory, fantasy, reality, and fiction becomes possible.

The texts by Sabine Schaschl, René Zechlin, Hila Peleg & Anselm Franke, Tom Holert and Gideon Lewis-Kraus were carefully and heavily annotated by Omer Fast, and his remarks engage with the critical writing about his work, yet also introduce a fictional layer.

The book was edited by Sabine Schaschl.