Mud Bath

Angela Bulloch's Mud Bath was a performative piece in the context of the 1997 exhibition 'ca-ca poo-poo' at Cologne Kunstverein, which focussed on the essentials of painting as a cultural technique, relating the artistic process to the creative force of a child, "that has yet to acquire the orders later prescribed and the methods of organization that duly inform the dogma of our general and socialized understanding of art."

For this piece, Angela Bulloch used mud as the painting material, applying it by means of an electric pump. The curator of the show, Udo Kittelmann, became the aim of Bulloch's mudslinging; he took this mud bath in protective clothing, sitting on a Arne Jacobsen chair, leaving an unmuddied area on the wall once he had left.

Steven Parrino (1958 New York - 2005 New York) documented the event. The book presents this documentation and thus places the historic performance permanently in the public realm.