Rapport. Experimentelle Strukturen

Jürgen Mayer H. (*1965), founder of the Berlin architectural office J. MAYER H., gained a national and international reputation for his innovative buildings, objects and interventions into space. His team works at the interface between drafts and free dynamic forms. The experimental space structures offer new insights into his interdisciplinary approach. For the museum’s 10-metre high entrance area J. MAYER H. has developed a walk-in installation. Walls and floor are clad in carpeting, on which data security patterns are printed in black and grey. The work’s space-consuming concept negates the strict geometry of the entrance hall. The considerably enlarged, repeating patterns produce a flickering impression and transform the white cube into a playful scenario of interpermeating forms and structures. Supplementary three-dimensional models translate the two-dimensional patterns into concrete forms.

Rapport. Experimentelle Raumstrukturen documents and elucidates this exhibition. With texts by Thomas Köhler, Ursula Müller and Georg Vrachiotis.