A Scene in a Library

Edgar Leciejewski's new book A Scene in a Library is a journey through the artist's book collection and his notebook. It is an eyesight test on how we look and use books. A journey and vision on how time has built and changed our comprehension. It is also a cipher that links to a self-portrait or a photographic manifesto. In former times cipher would also stand for zero. Zero, nothing, zero of a function, a reference to the book itself as a functional object. A Scene in a Library is a repository of time that allows slowing down of the bare act of seeing and reading.

The book devides Leciejewski’s large format photograph of his bookshelf in sections, creating different scenes, shelf by shelf. Numerous references to art history, photography and philopsophy offer an insight into the thinking and working of the artist – revealing the bookshelf as a carefully arranged self-portrait. There is much to discover on every spread – not only for those you love to inspect other peoples libraries.

Additional text by Prof. Dr. Steffen Siegel