So jung, so schön, so kriminell

Jana Müller's So jung, so schön, so kriminell provides an overview of her most recent series of works and her ideas that form their mental backdrop.

Her spatial installations function like inventories of mysterious events in a continuous play between reality and fiction. The formal set-up is reminiscet of crime scene forensics, stage-like scenes and cinematic aesthetics. The centre of So jung, so schön, so kriminell are Müller's floor sculptures, consisting of differently sized heavy sheets of glass, between which clothes and accessories are pressed and preserved, evoking impressions of phantastic paintings and microscopic slides. "The resulting stories are perhaps about the realms of the irrational, the suppressed and the disturbing – about subjective and collective fears, memories and fantasies which persist off-stage and resist any visual portrayal." (K. Meyer)

With a text by Kathrin Meyer.