Sonntag is a nomadic project initiative founded by the artists, Adrian Schiesser and April Gertler in 2012 and takes place in different private Berlin apartments. Sonntag is a platform for Berlin-based artists to develop their artistic activities; a place to present works of art to a wider public in connection with the German tradition of getting together over coffee and cake on a Sunday afternoon.

Instead of relying solely on the exhibition of works of art as the sole format, Sonntag relies on the artist's favorite cake as a special starting point for discussions between artist and guests. The flavors of the cake are transmitters of memories and experiences of the artist, a taste of home in a foreign land, a taste associated with an important event in the life of the artist and often flavors that relate to the works. In keeping with the Proust phenomenon, flavors and smells as trigger stimuli can unleash involuntary memories and excitement, creating a subc­onscious connection between the guests and the artist, thus providing a basis for communication.

Private apartments in Berlin as a venue for Sonntag, complete the concept, as an ideal sphere for exchange. With each version of Sonntag, the artists respond to the interior design of the premises in an innovative and surprising way, which at times leads to a mixture of newly installed works of art in direct relationship to the objects in the apartment. Sonntag is thus continuing the tradition of Berlin, known as the city for its dynamic, free art scene with exhibition spaces in converted spaces, the capital of temporary use.

Sonntag in book format, highlights the work of 44 previous Sonntag artists. New work made especially for the book by each artist, in addition to their favorite cake recipe, will be the foundation of the Sonntag book. The book will highlight a wide variety of nuances of the project, including closely examining Sonntag as a social sculpture which harnesses not only dialogue about art making in a private space, but takes a look at how food and the architecture of a home can contribute to a greater experience, simultaneously by the exhibiting artist and the viewer.



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