Tools and Orientations

The comprehensive monograph „Tools and Orientations“ by artist David Jablonowski is now available in the digital e-book format. Additional to a broad documentation, the e-book features video and sound footage that represents the media complexity of the artistic approach in its full scope. 

This book documents David Jablonowski's recent and early works, including his outstanding exhibition in the botanical garden of Münster in cooperation with Westfälischer Kunstverein in 2012. “Media are not making choices, humans are, but the scope of choices humans can make is determined by media.” – David Jablonowski.

In his works, Jablonowski examines the surface and the evolution of contemporary communication technologies. In sculptures, videos and installations, he focuses on the development of language as a technically reproducible code, and its aesthetic development with respect to the communication of knowledge and information. His artistic interest is on the sculptural quality of communication techniques, as well as the specific aesthetics of different historical media formats that have a long-term impact on perception and cultural self-conception.


David Jablonowski Tools and Orientations

David Jablonowski Tools and Orientations from The Green Box on Vimeo.