A drawing for every week of the year: The artwork of Anna Ingerfurth (*1969) is ever ongoing. Apart from her small acrylic paintings and large-scale architectural art projects, she also creates works of art on paper, always in A4 landscape format, one every week. In these weekly drawings, she records what moved her during the past seven days, and occasionally one is able to guess what this may have been. Her drawings are not obvious or easy to perceive, nor are they intended to be. Instead, they provide different meanings for each individual. The comments on Instagram show how differently they are interpreted by their beholders. Ingerfurth’s weekly drawings vary in subject matter, technique and content. Isolated figures are surrounded by lines, planes, looping swirls or architectural elements. Her scenes are intelligently imaginative and quietly humorous. They imply without committing, neither in form nor content. They elicit a sense of wonder and quietly invite the viewer to reflect.

Anna Ingerfurth’s book: "Weeks" contains 52 drawings, one for every week of the year. They are varied and self-explanatory, and stand for themselves without further textual analysis.