Walter Zurborg’s apparatuses and installations refer to the two basic conditions of our aesthetic experience, the human body and the space around it. They are constructed from very simple materials, from wood, pipes, cables and similar goods that can be found in DIY stores. Zurborg seems to avoid almost any appearance of symbolic materiality – as if his works should just be. At the same time they have a potential that extends beyond the mere being. The apparatuses could be put into use and the installations await someone to take possession.
The ambivalence between simple materialiy and complex functionality leaves it to the viewers how to react - whether they are experienced as constructive or destructive, as playful or aggressive. The initial association gives a direction for the understanding of the works.
The book documents Zurborg’s most important installations from the past three years and also a selection of his drawings.
Including essays by Hans-Jürgen Lechtreck and Thomas Niemeyer.