Reloading Images

Reloading Images is an open network of artists, writers, curators, architects, filmmakers, designers, scholars and interdisciplinary cultural practitioners. Members of the network initiate and organize activities on a project-by-project basis, working together across various disciplines, formats and places. The practice takes the form of process-oriented artistic research. Reloading Images projects happen on the basis of communication and exchange: in theoretical considerations, collective artistic projects and workshops in which they seek to find ways of combining academic and artistic, experimental and applied, intuitive and research-based forms of discourse and display. They create temporary structures in which experiments can be undertaken, formats explored, forms of language and (visual) communication re-appropriated, modes of (re)presentation investigated, situated in intense phases of working and living together. Reloading Images is an initiative of the Berlin based art association NewYorkRioTokyo. It is an open network, initiated by Azin Feizabadi and Kaya Behkalam in 2006.

Books available by this artist

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