Inverse - A Yearly Ritual (Limited Edition)


A record for outside in the last nights of October, when the summer time is changed to winter time. A record to play when you can do what you want. A record that releases its time from the grooves when the clock hands give up the ghost. For a favorable opportunity:

"All clocks in public space stand still. All of them.
For one hour. Once a year. Every year.
Then, when summer time changes to winter time at the end of October. That hour at three in the night can be art. Every year again. Every year a crack in reality that is open to you:
Stay awake till after midnight. Go near a public clock before three o’clock.
Wait for it to stop.
Ring in the time freed from the clock with one of the enclosed compositions. Find your own rhythm. Maybe drink a glass of water or a clear schnapps. Maybe you celebrate the hour without a name with friends, maybe with strangers, maybe alone."

The ritual of INVERSE was developed for the city of Dresden and celebrated for five years 2016–2020 in the Zwinger, where for many years the reference point of Saxon time was located. Here, in the middle of the night and surrounded by lights, citizens gathered in front of the legendary carillon made of Meissen porcelain, surrounded by baroque party buildings, excluded from everyday public sphere. A fifteen-minute countdown announced the hour without a name. Then the hands stopped and the premiere of a commissioned composition began:

Face 1 – Saskia Bladt: Widmung
Face 2 – Alexey Retinsky: Without Title
Face 3 – Didier Rotella: Heart Mechanics
Face 4 – Olga Bochikhina: Listen
Face 5 – Christoph Israel and Meret Becker: Variation on Wenn ich mir was wünschen dürfte
Face A – Countdown
Pianist of faces 1-4 and A: Richard Röbel

Recordings: Florian Dombois with in-ear-microphones Soundman OKM II Studio
Mastering: Douglas Henderson