Mark van Wageningen

Mark van Wageningen is the founder of Novo Typo, a typographic design studio and font foundry based in Amsterdam. Novo Typo has produced a wide variety of publications, designs and typefaces for numerous international clients. The design output of Novo Typo is a mix of commissions and self-initiated projects. The work of Novo Typo has attracted the interest of a variety of international design magazines, blogs, and publications. Novo Typo organizes workshops on digital and analogue multicolored typography and design. As a self-proclaimed ambassador of multicolored typography, van Wageningen lectures on the work of Novo Typo and multicolored typography at a number of international design conferences and festivals. Before Novo Typo Offgrid Mark van Wageningen published Typewood, Novo Typo Color Book and Type and Color which received several international design awards. The work of Mark van Wageningen is translated in English, German and Chinese. 

Books available by this artist

ISBN 978-3-96216-011-1
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