Novo Typo Offgrid

Can graphic designers be self-sufficient?
Can graphic designers recycle their own work? 

When a designer is able to make his own letters, he also should be able to design and produce his own paper and ink. In order to understand and experiment with the concept of letters, color and paper, it is necessary to learn about these things. A designer should have a complete understanding of these elements because they are the cornerstones of a good design. The self-initiated DIY project described in this book is intended as a blueprint for all designers and design studios that wish to be self-sufficient or wish to recycle their own designs. By proposing a new standard for polychromatic typography using plant-based ink and recycled paper, this publication aims to inspire the pursuit of different approaches in graphic design. This publication is designed and produced within close proximity to Novo Typo’s Amsterdam studio. The cover is letterpress printed with plantbased ink on Amsterdam Pulp Paper.