Die Trauben auf deinem Bauch bilden ein Muster

This book documents the work of the artist, costume designer and stylist Olaf Habelmann who died far too early in Spring 2011, making it accessible to a larger, international audience for the first time.
Habelmann had ignored the supposed boundaries of his disciplines, combining incongruous elements from various areas and eras with objects from popular and queer culture, to form complex, subtle, highly original and often humorous collages, still lives, installations and costumes.

The editors and authors Achim Hartzius, Sabine Huber, Jan Kedves, Hendrik Schwantes, Andi Schoon, Natalia Stachon, Malte Ubenauf and Anna Voswinckel, each one of them closely connected with Habelmann and his projects, present a personal selection of his extraordinary and prolific work.