Words Found More Added


"Words Found More Added" presents the collected series of works by Danish artist Jytte Høy in which she looks for sentences in literature read in connection with her art practice.

Høy’s working method is to borrow a sentence and to make an answer to it with a sentence of her own. Furthermore, Høy creates an artwork that adds a visual aspect to the sentences. The aim is to stir up emotions and cross them with mental images. The books that Jytte Høy reads are given or suggested to her by other artists, curators and friends. The selected authors are mostly well known to the public, such as Virginia Woolf, Jacques Roubaud and Anne Carson. With a text contribution by Mai Misfeldt.

"Words Found More Added" is the third book in a trilogy by Jytte Høy published by The Green Box, preceded by "Hello Everybody" in 2015 and "Hair Net Geometry" in 2019.